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Welcome! I am an experienced web designer specialized in small business web sites and developing custom content management systems. Since you are here you are probably looking for someone to get your new web site done, or re-design your existing web site. You are probably asking yourself some questions: Will I gain benefits from hiring a web designer? Will I really get more for my money if I work with freelance web designer? You don't need to worry about that, I help companies, like yours, in a number of ways.

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What projects I have experience with?

I have worked with partners and clients from the United States (New York), France (Paris), United Kingdom (London) and Bulgaria. Take a look at the latest website I created for client from: UNITED STATES

Discount Hotels Worldwide


Will you gain benefits when hiring a freelance web designer?

Yes, you will! The main reason is you will save money. By hiring a freelance web designer, instead of a web design firm, you are hiring the web designer directly, and avoid paying the project manager, the CEO etc. Even if you have big budget to hire an agency, there are still advantages to hiring a freelance web designer. As opposed to working with a web design agency, where a designer has nearly no relationship with the client, you will be able to work directly with the web designer to achieve just the results you are looking for. Working with a freelance web designer inevitably yields faster results, because there is only one person for the work to go through.

So what are your benefits?

  • You get a unique custom website design and concept that defines you and your vision.
  • Your web design cost is much less than the Corporate Web Designing Companies.
  • Your operating cost are negligible as your web site is completed in time.
  • I work on the web design project not according to my level of satisfaction but to your satisfaction. Your satisfaction is my motto.

Is a Freelance Web Designer the right choice for you?

If you're looking for increased flexibility, lower overhead, different perspective, hiring a Freelance Web Designer is a viable alternative for your business.

Ok, but why to choose me as your freelance web designer?

Before I start your web design project:

  • We will discuss your specific need and requirements
  • I will think carefully what the best way of presenting your business is
  • I will let you know how long approximately the web designing will take

How long a freelance web site design takes:

  • A small static ten pages web site design takes approximately a week
  • A big product web catalogue with content management system may take up to a month

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Web Templates

I also offer web templates. They are ready to use web based solutions and consist of a web site and pre-integrated Content Management System. Using the CMS you have tools to manage the content of the web site - text, images, pages, categories, products.

About me in a few words

Web site designing is something which originally started as a hobby, keeping my spare time interesting and creative, has turned into my real passion and eventually into my full time web design profession.

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A New Generation Content Management System
PIXELS is a web based software which allows you to easily and quickly create your website from your smartphone

Responsive Web Design
Websites well visible on multiple devices such as smart phones, tablets and desktops

Web content organizer
jQuery organizer for your website

Single page websites
Considering that only a few years ago a single page would have seemed unfinished, it is interesting to see why this type of a website is so wanted now.

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Pixels CMS

Pixels CMS

Pixels is an advanced content management system and it has abilities to serve different types of websites, Basic website, E-Commerce website, Hotel website, Blog and News Articles

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